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Recently, Sevilla coach Lopetegui discussed the previous game against Barcelona in an interview, and he believes that the team does have a chance to win in that game.


Lopetegui pointed out that teams like Barcelona can always get opportunities at critical moments, just like making a movie.


"We do have a chance to win. A team like Barcelona will always get a chance at a critical moment. It's like filmed in the movie. But we have a chance to beat them."


"This summer is quite special. Many players were called back to participate in preparations for the new season without taking a few days off after the end of last season. All I can do is try my best to get the players back to the game. We drew with Barcelona at the Nou Camp and also beat Cadiz and Levante. In Spain, no team can easily beat Sevilla."

“这个夏天非常特殊。许多球员被要求回去参加新赛季的准备工作,而在上赛季结束后没有休息几天。我所能做的就是尽力使球员回到比赛中。我们在诺坎普(Nou Camp)与巴塞罗那比赛,也击败了加的斯(Cadiz)和莱万特(Levante)。在西班牙,没有一支球队可以轻易击败塞维利亚。”

"That's not true. The players know that even if we do well, winning is not something that should be done. We did maintain a long unbeaten run, but there are also many very complicated and difficult games. We are not that way. Value this kind of record, this kind of thing is generally seen by the media and laymen. I only focus on how to lead the team well, so that every player has a sense of collective honor, and treat every game as a final to pay attention to it. Record this If you think too much, it will affect your preparations."


"I didn't put too much energy on the transfer market. We are full of confidence in Munch's work. He knows what the team needs and what players I want to bring in. This year, the situation is special and the market is more complicated. Any team fulfilled their expectations, but we did it because we have Monkey. Two important players have left the team, but Monkey has found successors for them. Generally speaking, we have two for each position. Players."


"Comte has played here for a year and has grown a lot. He was a young player when he came, and he is still. Comte has a strong desire to learn and a good game mentality. We will do everything possible. He helps."

“孔德已经在这里打了一年比赛,并且成长了很多。他来时还是一个年轻球员,现在他仍然是。孔德有着强烈的学习欲望和良好的比赛心态。我们会竭尽所能。他会提供帮助。 ”

"No one can replace Banega. There have never been two players who are exactly the same in this world, but Banega's replacement will try to do everything well."


"For forwards, it is normal to encounter a ball shortage. I believe that scoring luck is one after another, and sometimes shooting boots are indeed worn on other people's feet."


"The first thing Rakitic came to the locker room was to point to his bag, saying that it was full of excitement and ambition.


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